4 Useful Tips To Remove Scratches From a Car – Atlanta, GA

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is getting a scratch on their car.

If scratched badly enough, it can take tedious hours to get rid of them. They’re like a bad rash on your arm that won’t go away with simple powder.

Fortunately, over time, scratches have become easily fixable. With a little bit of scratch removal that you can buy off an infomercial for $19.99, it seems easy enough. But how about we try to avoid paying an absurd amount of money just to get some scratch removal that may come with questions?

Just to be sure it doesn’t happen to you, here are some tips to remove scratches from a car:

Remove Dust Around the Surrounding Area

Before doing anything, clean the area around (and possibly inside) the scratch before attempting to remove it. Think of it like applying peroxide to a wound. If not treated properly, it can become infected. It’s the same way with a car. Treat it as such.

Apply Solvent to the Cut

This may sound terrible, but there aren’t many solvents available that can match the exact color of your car. If it’s a small enough scratch, it’s best to apply as little solvent as possible so that it doesn’t overlap the cut. Let it sit overnight and tend to it in the morning.

Use a Sponge to Blend the Solvent Into the Scratch

Rub the solvent as deep as you can into the scratch to get rid of the scratch, as well as add color back to the wounded area. This is where you treat it like an ice pack. Scrub for 15 minutes on, 10 minutes off. This is starting to sound like a medical operation.

Use Compound to Push the Gloss Back, Then re-paint and wash

Compounding the gloss will push the color of the car more evenly in the surrounding area. After a re-paint and a slight wash, the scratch should be gone. Don’t wash right away, though. Wait about a day or two before taking any action with water.


What you’ve just read sounds like a very complex medical operation that would best suit you for a role on ER. I’m not picking Grey’s Anatomy because, well, it’s obvious compared to ER. Your friendly Thornton Road Kia dealership knows how important your car is to you, though. Surely, getting a scratch on a new 2015 Kia Soul paint color┬áisn’t a great idea, but these are great tips for how to remove any scratches from a 2015 Kia Soul, should you ever have problems.