Tough Call: Should You Sell Your Car Publicly or Privately? – Atlanta, GA

Sell Your Used CarSo, we heard you have an older Kia you’re looking to sell, perhaps to upgrade to a new Kia Cadenza, Optima, Sorento, or Soul.  We at Thornton Road Kia totally understand this decision, and we also understand that it comes with its own set of questions…should you trade it in at the dealership, or sell to a private party? Never fear, we’re here to help with this list of pros and cons to each:

Selling your car to a private party
If you’ve decided to sell your car to a private party, you’ve probably already set a price in your head that you’d like to sell it for.  Make sure you do your research, get some Kelly Blue Book numbers, and compare them to what you see other cars of the same year and make selling for.  Next, decide how you’re going to advertise your car.  The easiest thing to do is put a sign in the window, but you may want to look into an online forum that lets you post your car for sale, or you may want to place an ad in the newspaper.  Car forums and sites such as Craigslist are free, but the paper can get pricey.  Next, make sure you get your car detailed inside and out so buyers will be impressed by how well maintained it is.  You may also want to get the car smogged and all the maintenance paperwork in order to show the potential buyer. Last, be prepared for people to start haggling – even though you know you’ve set a fair price, of course people want to get a deal.

Pros – you control the pricing and timeline of sale.

Cons – some vehicles don’t sell quickly, no matter how nice they look.  It takes a lot of time and effort to get the car ready to sell, it can be expensive to list and you may have to deal with argumentative buyers, or buyers who make an appointment to come see your car and never show up.

Selling your car to a dealership
A car dealership is in the business to make money, so there’s no way you’re going to get the price you initially wanted for your vehicle.  This being said, they will buy your car, do the paperwork, and probably use your car to give you a good deal on that used car you’ve been eyeing.  Oh, and detailing? Don’t worry about it, the dealership is going to take care of all of that.

Pros – you know your car is going to sell.   You don’t have to worry about detailing it. You don’t have to deal with strangers haggling with you about price. You don’t have to waste money on advertising, or time on no-shows. The paperwork will be taken care of.  You get to leave in a new car (if you want to). They’ll probably offer you a cup of coffee.

Cons – you won’t get the price you originally wanted.

At Thornton Road Kia we want you to feel good about trading up for a new Kia Cadenza, Optima, Sorento, or Soul.  Bring your used vehicle in to us today and let us see how we can help you get into that new car you’ve been eyeing!