Always Be Prepared: How To Jump Start a Car – Atlanta, GA

Here's a funny story. Last year, I became a licensed driver for the first time. It was a fun time and I finally felt like I made progress in the world. Fast forward to about a month later. I was working at the student newspaper at the time and was about...[read more]

Humor Alert: Enjoy These GIFs That Make Us Laugh – Atlanta, GA

GIFs are amazing, really. They can tell a story or better describe a particular moment, often much better than words. The phrase, "A picture is worth  a thousand words," remains true. No one mentioned how many words a moving, looped picture is worth. They'd probably be worth much more than 1,000, but...[read more]

Let’s Play! 4 Games to Play on Fourth of July – Atlanta, GA

While it's important to understand the reason why we celebrate the Fourth of July, it's also a necessity to have fun. Why not have fun playing games? You're going to have a ton of kids over at your Fourth of July party, more than likely, and while you're grilling, why not...[read more]

The Kia Cadenza – Serious Contender for Luxury Sedan

2015 Kia Cadenza Atlanta
Although it isn’t from a luxury brand, the Kia Cadenza is able to more than keep up with luxury sedans from any top manufacturer. By 2017, Kia has plans to compete with various luxury brands, and in the meantime, it is taking steps toward that goal. These including creating a...[read more]