Maintenance 101: How Often Should I Change My Oil? – Atlanta, GA

Before I begin to preach the virtues of rigid maintenance schedules, allow me to share a story about a young man named Phillip who lived a fast life and didn’t sweat the small stuff.

Ignoring the small stuff like regular oil changes lead to a big problem. Here’s an illustration using Phillip and a Kia Sorento in Atlanta that may have you pondering a certain question: “How often should I change my oil?”

Phillip bought a new Kia Sorento in July of 2014.

One day, he punched the accelerator when turning out of a parking lot, a routine act that he had completed many times before. This time, however, the Kia Sorento engine shuddered, let out a big puff of smoke, and the low oil pressure light came on.

Phillip didn’t know too much about cars, but he did know that low oil is bad and immediately drove to a Lithia Springs auto parts dealer to buy oil. As he reached for the oil cap, he discovered that it was covered in a smoldering thick black substance. It suddenly dawned on him that, amongst the science tests, gym sessions and road trips, there was not one memory of ever having changed the oil in his beloved Sorento. He put 20,000 miles on the Kia full-size SUV without getting a single oil change in Atlanta.

The next day, Phillip got an oil change and drove the Kia Sorento just like he normally would. But, after putting another 1,000 miles on it between trips to Atlanta from Lithia Springs and other Georgia road trips, the low oil pressure light blinked on again and found that the SUV was three quarts low. He got another oil change. The poor Sorento then began burning oil at a rate of roughly one quart every 300 miles, so Phillip knew that something was wrong. His father threw out the suggestion that the issue could be a “broken ring,” which only further upset Phillip as he learns that this would be a $5,000 job. The car came with a great warranty but, unfortunately, he had voided that warranty by not performing the most basic maintenance. Phillip just didn’t know where to go for certified Kia service in Lithia Springs. He considered his options to be limited to these:

A. Take it to the dealer for repair and hope they don’t ask/notice/care what he’s done

B. Take it to the dealer and confess his complete ineptitude

C. Go to a random auto shop for repair (another act that will void his warranty)

The correct choice here is B. As long as you’re dealing with your friendly Thornton Road Kia dealership, that is! Contact the service department and be as honest as you can. By clearly communicating the issue, the best solution can be found. There are few situations that the experts at Thornton Road Kia haven’t seen, so Phillip had no need to be nervous about explaining what happened. Dealing with his father, however, may require slightly different tactics.

Obviously, the best route to go is to avoid this issue in the first place by sticking to changing your oil every 3,000 miles. Every time that you have this done, your other fluids will also be checked allowing you to stay on schedule with those as well. Thornton Road Kia is the premier Atlanta area Kia dealership for all things engine oil, from maintenance information to manufacturer quality engine service.