Humor Alert: Enjoy These GIFs That Make Us Laugh – Atlanta, GA

GIFs are amazing, really.

They can tell a story or better describe a particular moment, often much better than words.

The phrase, “A picture is worth  a thousand words,” remains true. No one mentioned how many words a moving, looped picture is worth. They’d probably be worth much more than 1,000, but that’s my opinion.

Sometimes, GIFs are best told just to tell whatever we possibly can. They make us laugh, cry and question what is happening in the world. We just accept them for what they are every day, as powerful displays of media that leave us feeling emotions we never thought actually existed.

For example, I was sad a few weeks ago. I’m a Dallas Mavericks fan and was doing all sorts of happy dances when DeAndre Jordan committed to signing with the Mavericks. This was the closest thing to my reaction upon hearing the news.

Five days later, Jordan got cold feet and I was sad for about a week. Then we got to this point, as a Snoopy fan. Albeit cute, this was me.

It’s okay, I’m happy now. I’m not on top of the world happy but, if I’m looking for something to react like, I’m this.

Nevertheless, enjoy these GIFs that make us laugh, just because it makes sense to do so. After you’re done with this, visiting your friendly Atlanta-area Kia dealership seems like a great idea. You may not walk out of there looking at GIFs, but there’s a chance you could walk out with a new 2015 Kia Cadenza in Atlanta. Don’t forget to look into your Atlanta Kia’s specials, like getting zero percent financing on certain Kia models. When all is said and done, you’ll be celebrating like this.

But please make sure you’re going into your greater Atlanta Kia dealership with a normal mentality, and not anything like this woman.