Let’s Play! 4 Games to Play on Fourth of July – Atlanta, GA

While it’s important to understand the reason why we celebrate the Fourth of July, it’s also a necessity to have fun. Why not have fun playing games?

You’re going to have a ton of kids over at your Fourth of July party, more than likely, and while you’re grilling, why not let them keep themselves busy by playing some games until the food comes off the grill?

It’s possible, and it can be done. There are plenty of games you and the kids can play to keep them busy and get their stomachs rumbling for that juicy steak or hamburger. Here are some games to play on Fourth of July that will get the kids excited:

Independence Day Bingo

Bingo is never a wrong idea. It’s fun for all ages, especially for kids. George Washington as the free space, and you need I-Abraham Lincoln or N-Thomas Jefferson for the win. Give some prizes out at the end to make it more enticing.

Scavenger Hunt

Even your inner kid will want to take part in this. I’ve never been good at scavenger hunts, but you’re probably more creative and idealistic than I am. You can figure out some way to make kids enjoy history and have fun looking for things hidden in the grass.

Potato Sack Races

Want to make this even more challenging? Throw water balloons at the kids while they’re jumping to the fence and back. A regular sack race is too easy. Provide an obstacle at some point. Make it three laps, and start throwing balloons by the second. That will further determine who is the undisputed potato sack racing, water-balloon-surviving champion of the world.

Softball Game

This never fails. Being America’s Past time, baseball is a great way to bond with all ages. But since we have no desire to throw 90 miles per hour to little kids, softball works just as well. Think about it: Bottom of the sixth inning, down 5-4 with two outs and you’re the winning run with a 1-2 pitch coming your way. You see the ball floating towards you and … you strike out and lose the game. How does it feel to let your team down? HOW DOES IT FEEL?


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