6 “Eggcelent” Easter Basket Ideas for Car Lovers – Atlanta, GA

Here at Thornton Road Kia we’re really excited about Easter! We know, we’re not kids anymore, so why are we so happy about it? Well, besides the fact that it’s Spring and gorgeous here in Atlanta, Georgia, we happened to find some of the things the Easter Bunny may be bringing us this year. There’s chocolate, of course, but there are also some other goodies that any car lover will be pleased to find. Check out these Easter basket ideas for car lovers:

Solid Milk Chocolate Porsche
While it’s not a Kia, we wouldn’t complain if the Easter Bunny decided to gift us a Porsche. Even better, one that’s solid milk chocolate.  Thank you, Easter Bunny!

Cars Movie-Themed Easter Basket
We know, we said we weren’t kids, but we still watch cartoons.  Usually, only cartoons about cars.  Imagine how excited we were when Pixar released the movie Cars, which had everything a car fanatic could want; action, racing, a nod to Steve McQueen, more racing, and more animated cars than we could count. We’ll take this fun basket filled with toys any day, thank you very much!

Solid Milk Chocolate Mercedes
The same goes for the milk chocolate Mercedes as it did for the Porsche. Again, not a Kia, but we won’t argue.  Instead, we’ll enjoy every delicious bite and finish it off with a hearty “Danke Schoen!”

Top Gear V8 Pencil Sharpener
One of the more practical things we hope to see in our basket this year, if you love cars you love Top Gear.  This show, started in 2002, tests a manufacturer’s claims to greatness no matter the make or year of the vehicle.  We need this sharpener to keep our pencils sharp while we take notes!

Hot Wheel Cars
Naturally, no Easter basket is complete without some small toys to take your mind off the mundane.  Hot Wheels have been around forever, and each year it’s a new and exciting lineup.

Little Trees Car Air Fresheners
Last but not least, these Little Tree Fresheners have been around since we were knee high to a grasshopper.  It wouldn’t be a true car lovers basket without two or three of these thrown in for good measure.

Head over to Thornton Road Kia today and let us know what your plans are for Easter!  It’s too bad you couldn’t fit a new 2015 Kia Optima, 2015 Kia Sorento or 2015 Kia Soul in a basket, but you never know! Stop by and let us show you what we have in stock.