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Maintenance 101: How Often Should I Change My Oil? – Atlanta, GA

Before I begin to preach the virtues of rigid maintenance schedules, allow me to share a story about a young man named Phillip who lived a fast life and didn’t sweat the small stuff. Ignoring the small stuff like regular oil changes lead to a big problem. Here's an illustration using...[read more]

4 Useful Tips To Remove Scratches From a Car – Atlanta, GA

2015 Kia Soul
One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is getting a scratch on their car. If scratched badly enough, it can take tedious hours to get rid of them. They're like a bad rash on your arm that won't go away with simple powder. Fortunately, over time, scratches have become...[read more]

Always Be Prepared: How To Jump Start a Car – Atlanta, GA

Here's a funny story. Last year, I became a licensed driver for the first time. It was a fun time and I finally felt like I made progress in the world. Fast forward to about a month later. I was working at the student newspaper at the time and was about...[read more]