Behind-the-Wheel Business: 3 Car Office Organization Ideas – Atlanta, GA

I find myself amidst a sea of gray cubicles, beige filing cabinets and white document-filled boxes, floating along in this journey called office life. Think of me as a jovial seahorse typing away at my desk, surrounded by bright corals and anemones. But you, perhaps, are a business barracuda. You’re always on the hunt for your next client (or prey, if we’re sticking with the marine theme here), and your type of work requires you to make your ride an on-the-go office. It’s not easy to travel upstream and stay organized at the same time, so check out these fantastic car office organization ideas that make behind-the-wheel business swimmingly easy!

Compartmentalized Container

Why don’t you care about your pencils, your pamphlets, your posters, your planners or your Post-Its? Every pencil deserves a good home. Help your pens and other pens like it today. (Cue tear-inducing Sarah McLachlan song and sad images of office supplies.) With your donation to a store that carries a pocket-filled tool caddy or utility tote similar to these, you’ll find every one of your files, folders and flyers happier in their new place  – and, since they’ve got handles that can easily be buckled in for safety, they’d love nothing more than to go along for the ride in your passenger or back seat.

Travel Work Surface

Sometimes you just need to pull over for a speedy game of roadside solitaire or Magic the Gathering. Maybe you’re the type who frequently gets the fever for an on-the-go manicure, who knows. But where would you find a sturdy surface to do such things? The geniuses at NASA surely must be the brains behind this fine invention, an ergonomic travel work surface that attaches to your steering wheel with ease. I suppose you could use this device for signing papers, jotting to-do lists or even working on your laptop, too, as long as it’s not while doing 90 MPH on the highway in an attempt to meet an important client on time.

Hanging Bag for Necessities

Hey, what’s that next to the little horse logo on your neatly-pressed button-up shirt? Surprise: It’s mustard! Everyone’s favorite condiment has taken up residence aside the pony just before a key meeting, all because you thought a roadside jumbo pretzel sounded like just the thing to amp you up to make the widget deal of the century. Whether you select a plastic shoe organizer or a hanging toiletry bag to adorn the back of your front seat or passenger seat, you’ve got to stock that baby with stain remover wipes, floss, hairspray, deodorant and all that other stuff that ensures your road warrior status is always certified fresh.


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