Let’s Talk About the Famous Kia Soul Hamster Commercial and the 2015 Kia Soul EV, Too! – Atlanta, GA

We here at Thornton Road Kia have a little secret to share with you… we’ve been geeked about the crazy hamster commercials they’ve been using to advertise the Kia Soul since its inception.  We’ve been hooked since the first one aired in 2009, and with music featured by artists such as Marz, Goldfish, The Potbelleez, Calvin Harris, Black Sheep, Lady Gaga and LMFAO, can you blame us?! We’re especially in love with the latest one that’s for the 2015 Kia Soul EV, it’s such an awesome electric vehicle with a driving range of 93 miles – and with the 2015 Kia Soul EV MPG of 92 miles on the highway and 120 miles in the city, that we really think the hamsters are a stroke of marketing genius to bring attention to their brand – we know they have ours!

But speaking of commercials, if you watched the Super Bowl this past weekend, you’ve seen the best of the year. Almost as good as the hamsters, anyhow.  We decided to do something fun for you today, and we went through our archives and brought out some of our favorite commercials of all time (not even car related! Just for you to enjoy…)

The Brady Bunch for Snickers (2015)
Okay, we’re starting with the one we saw over the weekend that made sitting through the game almost as worth it as that goal-line interception in the last 20 seconds (ouch!). This ‘Brady Bunch’ take on being hungry starring Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi killed it! Snickers wins every year.

Betty White for Snickers (2010)
Further proof that Snickers wins all the time when it comes to fantastic, hilarious commercials.  We really can’t get enough of this 2010 commercial that shows Betty White uttering the phrase “That’s not what your girlfriend said.” Team Betty all the way!

Ninja Doritos (2010)
These guys are at the gym.  They’re at the gym, eating Doritos…Tim’s Doritos! But Tim will have his vengeance…HE WILL HAVE HIS VENGEANCE! (In a samurai/ninja suit made of Dorito’s, of course.)

Tabasco Mosquito (1998)
We went all the way back to 1998, because we remember this commercial being the one that first introduced us to the idea of putting Tabasco on pizza, and we’ve loved them for it ever since.  Plus, it’s sweet payback for all those times we’ve been camping in the summer. (Take THAT Mosquito!!!)

Taco Bell’s Viva Young (2013)
What we love about this is how it challenges the way that most people believe how older folks should behave, and makes you think about the fact that they were, in fact, young. They’ve seen it all kids, don’t be surprised! Featuring the song ‘We are Young’ in Spanish, this group of elderly folks are out on the town having a grand old time, so to speak.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this break in your day, we here at Thornton Road Kia know we have – just about as much as we love that Kia Soul hamster commercial! Stop on by soon to check out our 2015 Kia Soul EV inventory and see what all the hype’s about from Atlanta, Lithia Springs, Marietta, Mableton and everywhere in between!